Bowen LIFT – Home

I remember when you walked down a road on Bowen island and the first passing car stopped to offer you a ride.

Let’s just start giving each other rides again!

Bowen LIFT is all about neighbours helping neighbours giving and getting LIFTS. We want to make it easy to rideshare on Bowen Island by connecting riders and drivers.

There are two ways to offer and receive rides:

(1) Join the Bowen Lift Facebook Group: If you are a Bowen Island resident, click here and join our Facebook group where you can post and accept rides on and off Bowen Island.

(2) On the Road: If you are a driver, put a Bowen LIFT Mirror Tag in your car and pick up a rider from any safe Bowen LIFT Stop located around the island in places that are safe for drivers to pull over. If you are a rider, look for a Bowen LIFT mirror tag to your destination, or wear a Bowen LIFT Rider Tag on the ferry, in the Cove, as you wait at a LIFT stop.